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Today's Server Update has been delayed by a week to ensure that enough time is given to the GeyserMC Devs that are currently working on Entity Riding for Bedrock Players. If the scheduled release date changes, another announcement will be posted on this forum.
5 days ago

Server Performance Server TPS Performance will now stabilise as the throttling has been removed. Network issues have also been resolved and our Discord Server is also back online now.
21 days ago

Regarding Server Performance 4B4T+ will experience Fatal TPS Drops for the duration of this hour while the hardware performance is being throttled to reserve energy.
21 days ago

Changelog • More Movement Fixes • Improved Performance  • Fixed (Bedrock-side) Crashes • Fixed Player Levitating Glitch Please note, you should not sprint up Stairs on Bedrock side unless you have disabled Auto Jump.
about 1 month ago

Server Downtime Over night, players reported that they could no longer connect to the server. This was due to some Network Interference with changes to the Gateway Address. The issue has been resolved so players should be able to connect and play once again.
about 1 month ago