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What is this?
You have landed on the Community Site for 4B4T+

What is 4B4T+
4B4T+ is our Minecraft Cross Platform Anarchy Server.

What is Anarchy?
In my eyes, Anarchy is the absence of administrive actions upon players from someone in Power.

How do I join the server?
Add the server to your server list in the Multiplayer Tab in Minecraft. The Server IP (Domain) is and the port can be left as default. For Console Players, please visit the resources page on our Website.

Is there an Official Discord?
Yes, you can join via

What's the Server Version?
4B4T+ is currently available for Minecraft Java 1.15.2 and Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.30

Do / Will you ever Play?
No, the simple reason being that I'm no longer interested in the repetitive gameplay that Minecraft offers. Secondly, players would criticise me as some would believe that I might use administrive actions for personal gain.

Who Created 4B4T+
I (Legit) am the Sole Creator of the server that offers hybrid anarchy at a great level. I currently do not have any Developers, I code alone, and also utilise whatever is publicly available for the development of the server.